el jefe

a few lads from the Porsche Club of Great Britain took a factory tour back in 1986 to witness the birth of  944s and 928s and shot this film. it must be said that one can't ever get tired of watching such clips that show us not only the birth of these machines, but the technologies used in their creation. things haven't changed too much I'd say when you compare these methods with the ones used today. one punter had this to say:

"That plant was much more laid back than I'd ever imagined it would be. With all the hazards around them, and the importance of cleanliness when working on engines in a production environment I would really expect everyone to be wearing a common uniform, with hair nets, hard hats and safety glasses for everyone on the line."

hair nets? they're not making goddamn Big Macs fella, no one's gonna complain that they found a hair in the cylinder valley of their V8.


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