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I'm not as excited about the subject of electric-powered Porsches as I am intrigued. maybe you've seen a video here or there of some Porsche owner chucking out his or her lump fueled by gasoline in favor of some dull looking electric power plant going by the name warP 9 or something, but I didn't. it's not because I'm a bit slow in catching on to such modernity, I simply loathed the idea of any clot-head ripping out what is the heart of these machines. I found the idea trendy, and I hate trendy—I get this involuntary reaction to give so-called trendy people a good stiff kick in the pants as they walk past.
it took one video, one, to change my viewpoint; the one you see above. what got me to rethink this concept of creating a dynamo Porker was the whine that this SC made, no doubt the meshing of the gears inside the 915 gearbox with that enormous electric motor playing second fiddle.

I got curious, so I began researching other Porsche enthusiast's experimentation with this alternative power that Ferdinand Porsche was once asked to develop by Jacob Lohner at the age of 18; and that was 115 years ago.

and when I saw that 944 spin it's wheels in a fury of white smoke and take off in an eerily quiet but brisk manner down the tarmac? I was very impressed; but not as impressed by another whale-tailed 911 making a claimed 400 horsepower that the dyno verified having nearly 50 less...still impressive. what caused the rise at the front of the trousers, though, was a speed of nearly 170mph—governed.

clearly, I've some catching up to do.


check out the link to the 911 SC's build:



04/02/2015 19:06

That is my 911 in the first video and I am the one that ruined/improved it. I can assure you that nobody has ever accused me of being trendy - few engineers outside of Steve Jobs would have to worry about such an insult. The sound of the 915 gearbox at 5000 rpm is truly amazing. I asked a Porsche mechanic if the transmission “sounded” healthy and he said he didn't know - he never heard one without the roar of the engine before. If you have never experienced a flat peaked torque curve from 0 to 5000 rpm, you might not be able to comprehend why anyone would consider living without the beautiful roar of the flat six, fire-breathing masterpiece. I’ll never go back.


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