a friend in the TV business once described to me how he gave this public figure a "VBJ." for those not savvy to TV producer parlance, VBJ stands for "Video Blowjob."

there was a crooked face; the sort that one makes when they've absolutely no clue what's being spoken about.

I finally understood—because I got one this morning.
brother, confidant, and partner in crime Jim Doerr from 928 Classics told me he had made me a Mother's Day gift. Initially, I had no clue what it could've been, but a quick chat revealed that he was putting together a montage of flüssig Facebook cover pages paired up with a tune that personified this project.

a pre-screening flashed in my head of what it would be like, but when I opened up my email this morning and double-clicked on the wmv file, I was literally blown away.

the soundtrack Jim chose not only set the tone, it was totally flüssig and captured the spirit of its enthusiasts; the name of the track was Strangehold by Ted Nugent.

leave it Jim to give an exhilarating experience such as this. he does nothing predictable, boring, or trendy...the guy's an original with TONS of talent and never ceases to amaze a feral fella like me.

Jim, thank you to infinitum. you're the foundation of everything this project has been and will become; for that, I'm forever grateful.



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