part of me yearns to be a kid again and waste away the days in reckless abandon playing with scaled down versions of cars I dreamt of one day owning, but then would I really appreciate a toy like this? probably not...which is precisely why I want one now.
now Rico was a company started in Spain by a group of employees from a firm that manufactured toy cars named Paya, also Spanish, in 1922. they initially began making cars from tin metal before they began experimenting with plastic in the 50's. the cars weren't moulded in their final, rather they were spray- painted like diecast the end, they didn't look like plastic at all.

production ceased around 1984, but Rico is still regarded as having produced very high quality replicas with impeccable detail and finishing. needless to say, they pretty sought after today.

I suspect that their values will begin to soar as 928s become more collectible; now that I think about it, maybe I should surprise my bro Jim Doerr of 928 Classics with one of these as gift before everyone else catches on to this brilliant little gem.



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