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the father/son dynamic in a creative endeavour is trying enough, mixing it with business takes could damn near sour the relationship. this 45 minute series of videos explores the Ferdinand and Ferry's relationship with each other and the family. put on the subtitles (star button on lower right of video screen) and translate the text through google if your German isn't past the hello/goodbye stage.
The Porsches father and son. 

Videos of Ferry Porsche (SWR) of 3 Sept. 2009. 
Ironically, in the year of crisis at carmaker Porsche fall of the man who designed the mythical Porsche sports cars, founded the company and all the round birthday has led crises in the post-war period: Ferry Porsche. On September 19, 2009, he would have been a hundred.  

The 45-minute film shows the life story of the sports car constructor. Interviewed are not family members, companions, employees and friends of the family. In addition, the portrait has not yet shown on television includes archive footage from the family of Porsches. Particularly in focus is the relationship between Ferry to his father, the designer Ferdinand Porsche. The film tells how hard it had been the son of the one hand, to assert his ideas and convictions against the almost overpowering father, as he on the other hand benefited from cooperation with the Father.  

Ferry Porsche was involved very early on in the company and played a essential role in the construction of the Volkswagen. Nevertheless, he stood for a long time in the shadow of the famous father. Both operated the use of forced labor in KdF factory in Fallersleben, were committed to the production of armaments and Hitler had a close relationship with the leader. Both were interned after the war. While his father remained in detention, Ferry Porsche soon came free and dropped negotiating skills and courageous business decisions laid the foundation for the post-war career of the Porsche family.


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