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Bettina and Andi's photography is high art with a fingerprint. I've seen nothing else like it. whatever the subject, they have this ability to make it hyper real. like glass, you're mesmerized by the smoothness. the sharp colors give them intensity. details once subtle become magnified. the familiar becomes an entirely new experience. the eye never wants to leave.

they chose Bernd Fuhrmann's luscious 968 CS for their subject making an already lustful Porsche purely intoxicating.
BetAn is redefining the art of photography one Porsche at a time. to pay tribute to their inimitable talent, we've showcased their work of Bernd Fuhrmann's superb 968 CS as the premier of our newest page dedicated to Porsche photography, galerie.

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Matthew Mariani
10/22/2015 7:36pm

wow to both the photography and 968. Their photography marries drawing [Giacometti] and photography. They describe the volume of the car. I'd like to see an older more smooth Porsche done.


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